martes, 4 de octubre de 2011

24 Kilates X Ellesse Fab5 Project "Release Video"

The legendary sports brand Ellesse gives us the opportunity to work on his latest "Fab Five" project collaboration. It also includes Colette (Paris), Harvey Nichols (London), The Grand (Zurich) and Sneakersandstuff (Stockholm).
24 Kilates features a model inspired in the participation family member in one of the most extreme ocean races in the world. The webmaster of the house since the early days, Jorge Madden, participates in the Mini Transat, across the Atlantic single handed regatta on boats of 6,5 meter of length. More than 4200 miles, about 30 days of solo sailing competing against 84 of the best sailors from 16 countries. Madden's sail number ESP636 and the pendant of 24 Kilates Yacht Squadron decorate this Ellesse model 117, which is packed in a limited edition kit.
Follow Jorge Madden's adventure:


Leandro Fischer